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Through it All The New Single From Gandhi's Gun

Before we set out for tour in July of 2018, we wrote, self produced, and recorded "Through It All" but, we didn't feel that the timing was right to release the song. On our way back home from that particular tour, we were in a severe collision outside of Arizona in our 13,000 lb motorhome, almost killing our entire band. It was a very close call, and we are very fortunate to be able to continue touring. In the aftermath of the collision, this song became very special to us. We know that many people go through difficult situations in life, often. Originally, this song was to provide hope for others who were experiencing a tough time in hopes that they knew they weren't alone. Now, this song also provides hope for us.



Gandhi's Gun "The Changes We Face"

Gandhi's Gun Subject to Change

Gandhi's Gun "Subject to Change"

Gandhi's Gun Full-Throttle

Gandhi's Gun "Full Throttle"

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